Root Canal Treatment

The aim of root canal treatment is to save the tooth by removing the infected nerve tissue inside the roots. The procedure is usually completed during a single visit to the root canal specialist, but occasionally more than one visit is necessary. Using special enhanced magnification, the Endodontist will clean out and shape the root canal before filling with a rubber material and sealing the canals. A semi-permanent filling will be placed to allow for a permanent restoration (most likely a crown) to be placed at a convenient time.

Root canal treatment has a very high degree of clinical success, in fact greater than 90%. However, occasionally there are undetected cracks in the tooth and unusual side branches to the nerve which make successful root canal treatment impossible. In approximately 50% of cases following completion of the root canal treatment, there is post operative discomfort. This can usually be controlled with Nurofen, but often the tooth remains tender to bite on for some time. If, however, the pain increases over a two week period or swelling occurs adjacent to the root filled tooth, it is essential that you contact the surgery as soon as possible.